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Bill Gross and Defining “Normalcy”….

July 27, 2014

In my previous blog on income inequality   I quoted  Bill Gross, the founder and chief investment officer of PIMCO who in a USA Today article   eschewed present-day excesses in the market place and called for a return to “normalcy”.  Not surprisingly, conservatives who dominated the comment thread implied that Gross presumed a great deal  when he attempted to define “normalcy”.

Just because slavery or indentured servitude are historically “normal” – doesn’t make it right…

Few would probably disagree with the heading above.  However, many commenters questioned Gross’s  definition of normalcy.  “Who’s to say what is normal anyway?”  asked one commenter.  To his credit, Gross defined what was NOT “normal” with our current system and his criteria seemed spot-on to me:


The Skills-Mismatch Conundrum – employees won’t play if employers won’t pay…

December 3, 2012

During the recent presidential election we heard a repetitive drone of anxiety and hand-wringing about the “skills mismatch” phenomena.  Its this strange lack of interest in STEM careers (science, technology, engineering and math) that seems to have corporate CEOs, academics, and public officials all baffled.  Why – oh why – in a time of high unemployment can we not entice our young people into these fields of study that are vital for our standing in the 21st century?  Its all so strange….