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We Will Not Be Denied…If We Spread the Word!

April 11, 2012

The latest round of republican rhetoric regarding contraception has left my head spinning.  Sure, I expect the social conservatives and elements in the tea party to brush off the abortion issue every four years but the out and out open attack on contraception and Planned Parenthood was beyond my wildest imaginings. Its a horrifying thing and proof positive that freedom can not be taken for granted for so much as a minute  These are issues that I thought were  settled either before I was born or shortly thereafter – nearly 50 years ago!


How Low Can You Go? The Demonization of the Working Poor…

September 2, 2011

The republicans have FINALLY found a tax hike they can get behind.  Why?  It increases taxes on he poor while sparing the super rich – who are carry so much water for the rest of us – from an more undo responsibility.

But in order to justify the tax hikes – there must be a villian –  a  group of people who can be demonized for not properly pulling their weight.  What better target than Main Street America – particularly  the working poor?


Ayn Rand or Anti-Christ?

June 1, 2011

I want to thank The Book of Cletis for allowing me to republish this blog.  I have my own take on the Ayn Rand/ Fundamentalist Christian conundrum – and will put that forth in a follow-up post of my own.  The irony of Fundamentalist Christians fawning over Atlas Shrugged is not lost on me – but it is a topic I have not brought up before on this blog.  Meanwhile, enjoy this post it is very well written and be sure to stop by The Book of Cletis – it is a blog that is on my daily reading list.

H.L. Mencken cautioned us years ago about our fellow citizens when he wrote, “Never underestimate the ignorance of the American people.” Old H.L. was a pretty cynical fellow but he nailed that right on the head. Still, I was recently shocked when I learned The People of the Tea have embraced Ayn Rand as their  new messiah. How anyone can profess their love for Jesus and at the same time walk around town with a copy of Atlas Shrugged is beyond me. Jesus said love the poor for they are your brothers and sisters and love your neighbor as yourself. Ayn Rand said if the poor get in your way take a board to their lazy asses. If your neighbor is poor and threatening your property values, burn his fucking house down.

Crazy like a FOX news analyst…..

February 23, 2011

What  Obama and the Antichrist have in common??????

A post with the above title was published in 2009 by Joel Richardson.  One would hope that such a post was written with an eye to satire.  Needless to say – such is  not the case.  This end of times prophet has somehow morphed into a FOX analyst  – covering the protests in Madison WI.  Yes, that makes sense.   The pretzel logic involved in morphing  the end of times into arguments about collective bargaining and medical coverage for teachers is truly torturous.  The truly frightening thing is that some might actually take this seriously.

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American “Exceptionalism” – an earned right not a birth right…

January 30, 2011
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Although the general “buzz” about the  Barack Obama’s second State of the Union address was considered a major success in terms of public support – one thing conservatives complained about was the lack of praise for American “exceptionalism.”

Being exceptional is something you have to keep doing every day…

So even in the midst of  their calls to undo the very programs such as public funding for R&D and infrastructure that earned us that title during the post-war years, republicans still like to tout America as number one.  The sad fact is that we have lapsed – as all great societies eventually have – into complacency and have assumed that “exceptionalism” is a birth right not something that requires maintenance and looking over your shoulder to see who is coming up from behind.   I find this surprising  given that so many of these neoconservatives and tea baggers fancy themselves business types.  The first thing I learned when I went into business was that you had know what the “other guy” was doing.