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Fact-Free Politics and the plight of the “Job Creators”…

September 29, 2011

If I hear one more word about the plight of the  “job creators” – I think I’m going to explode.   Please let’s get real on this issue.  It has degenerated to the point where all you hear is incomprehensible slogans and veiled threats  of pulling the plug on yet more jobs if taxes on the rich are allowed to rise by so much as a dime.    Since they weren’t creating jobs in the first place – stating that this will prevent them from creating jobs seems a moot point.  This is another example of fact-free political pandering.  The facts be damned when you are trying to convince the masses that what is bad for them is actually good.

The New York State Millionaires Tax – an onerous burden?  Not so much…


Eric Cantor and the GOP – give kitchen table advice to tornado victims

June 6, 2011

Apparently the GOP is back to their “austerity” measures and the people of Joplin MO could suffer for it.    Eric Cantor lead the charge. Compassionate soul that he is, Cantor feels that the people of Joplin deserve aide – but only if it means cutting back on OTHER government programs…. you know ….little things like unemployment insurance, medicare and social security.  Nothing of any major importance for a country in the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

Simple Solutions or Simplistic Nonsense?

Yes,  Eric Cantor was in the news again touting his “kitchen table” economics and trying to apply it the devastation in Joplin MO.  It really is very simple isn’t it?  I mean – if you save $10k for a new car but your house is blown down by a Tornado – you use the $10k to rebuild your life, right?  Sorry that does not fly.


Getting rid of “Second Amendment Solutions” without getting rid of assault rifles.

January 21, 2011

In the aftermath of the attempted assassination of AZ Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords  – even republicans are looking for ways to control firearms.  Dan Burton has suggested  that a plexi-glass dome separate  the public gallery from the Congressional members.  Republican Congressman Peter King wants to make it a federal offense to carry a weapon within 1000 feet of an elected official.

OK- so they have been working overtime making sure that they are protected from firearms.  I guess even the tea party has now decided that “second amendment solutions” are dangerous – particularly now that many of them have been elected to Congress.   Of course for the rest of us to benefit from most of these proposals – we merely have to be elected to Congress…No biggie…


Bully Pulpit 101 – Your instructor – Professor Emeritus Jon Stewart

December 24, 2010

The 911 First Responders Bill…

Also known as the Zadroga bill – was apparently DOA in the US Senate with faint hope that the anemic  resuscitation attempts by the democrats would be successful.    The bill itself seemed almost forgotten in the morass of the of the tax bill, repeal of don’t ask, don’t tell, and nuclear START treaty.

Enter Jon Stewart and the Daily Show….

After his much criticized rally on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial – Jon Stewart did what he does best – he took on one issue – mounted the bully pulpit and shamed the republicans into action.

The bottom line was that the  business interests of a robber baron economy were holding this bill hostage.  How dare anyone get in the way of a corporations off-shore account?  No one wants their beloved loopholes closed and since democrats are beholden to the same interests as republicans – the bill went nowhere.


When did tax cuts become more important than 911 first responders?

December 17, 2010

Tax Cuts vs. Health Care for First Responders:

Since the republicans came roaring back into power after the mid-term elections – the 911 first responders bill is  taking a back seat to tax cuts. This is nothing new. Even as a minority party republicans used the filibuster rule to stop debate on this issue several times.   But to put such important legislation on the back burner to the point of deliberately holding it up until democrats give the top 2% the tax cuts they wanted is another step towards the surreal that I find hard to fathom.


We Get the Government We Deserve….

December 13, 2010

When I was little,  the public was very engaged.  I have vague memories of protests and demonstrations swirling all around me.  The generation ahead of me was caught up in the Vietnam conflict.   There is nothing like the threat of being drafted into a war you don’t believe in for promoting political activism in the young.

Politically engaged – but not necessarily politically informed…

Today – with the all volunteer military – such prods to active engagement and informed activism has been sorely lacking for over 30 years.  If we set aside the obvious meaningless wedge issues such as gays in the military and the 10 Commandments on the steps of a courthouse, it was  only the market crash of 2008 and the near total collapse of the world economy   that stirred the American public from its 35 year political stupor.  The fact that it took such a direct whack to the pocket book to waken the public from what appeared to be general anesthesia was depressing enough. But  the fact that there is  a world of difference between being engaged and being informed is a grim reality that has left the more thoughtful Americans who have been sounding the alarm bells for years tearing their hair in total despair.


When comic critique informs what “legitimate news” distorts – it’s time to be afraid – be very afraid…

November 25, 2010

On Nov.9,  Glenn Beck accomplished what fake news on Comedy Central could not.   His obsessive ravings regarding his nemesis George Soros were aired in  a three-part expose.  In this series, Beck succeeded in connecting  a delusional string of random “facts”  under the guise of serious “news.”

According to Beck, the now 80-year-old Soros was behind several violent coups – and is now bent on adding the good ‘ole US of A to his list of conquests.  The implication being that Soros is the puppet-master with Obama and his minions cast in the role of the puppets.  And if you believe that, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you.