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Toning down the rhetoric – or not – Obama vs Palin

January 13, 2011

President Obama & Governor Brewer Take the High Road.

The memorial service for the victims of Saturday’s shooting in Tuscon was perhaps America at its best.  Differences were set aside and President Obama and Governor Brewer set aside their political difference and summoned up their better angels to help unite a very polarized nation. Both are obviously rival politicians bunkered in camps on opposite sides of  great political divide.  For them Statesmanship trumped politics.


The Politics of Hate – When Politicians Scream “Fire” in a Crowded Theater.

January 9, 2011

You would have to be living in a crater on the Moon or under a rock somewhere not to notice the increase in vitriolic politics.  Lathering up the masses into a frenzy of anger often gets them to the polls – but does it incite actual violence?   Sheriff Dubnik said it better than most when he said  “Arizona has become the mecca for hatred and bigotry.”    Cute pictures with candidates targeted with cross-hairs on a map as well as rhetoric involving “taking back our country” might have undo influence on a mind that is not totally sound.


Fact-Free News – As candidates for high office are seen fleeing from the real press.

December 4, 2010

No Hard Questions Please!

Sharron Angle, candidate for Senate in Nevada- thought she had it all figured out. The press was there to push her agenda – no more, no less.
The press wasn’t  there to ask tough questions, they weren’t there to create transparency or call candidates out on blatant lies and contradictions.  God forbid a candidate should have to THINK while being interviewed.  Nopers – the press was simply to be an extension of her Facebook image.  Reporters were there to offer her free access to short and sweet soundbites that would augment the message that was already being spread far and wide with the  wads of money from fat campaign purses.


In America – “We Are ‘They'” ~ Nan Garcia Hicks c.1975

November 17, 2010

A Political Geek From Day One:

A friend of mine asked me the other night about what motivates me.  At first I didn’t understand – we were sharing a nice glass of wine and perhaps I was feeling a buzz.   But the question  was posed as an issue of bravery.  If I see a political or community  issue about which I am knowledgeable, I am not afraid to speak out.  It has caused me more than a small amount to trouble over the years -because there are those who would prefer that I remain silent.   My friend asked me what gave me the “courage to speak.”

Ok – so I wasn’t totally sober – but  I did know the answer. To me it was never about “courage” – it was more about doing the right thing.  And the compulsion to act in certain situations came from  something  my late mother instilled in me – and it can be summed up in two words – civic duty.


Concession speech don’ts – lessons from the 2010 elections

November 4, 2010

The silly season lived up to its name right up to the bitter end – even the concession speeches were “special.”  This held true particularly for the 2010 Senate elections as well as a couple of races for Governor.  For the benefit of those thinking of running office, I have complied a list of no-no’s for the concession speech. Sadly, it was all too easy to supply my audience with examples.  I found the selections on-line – they were probably just too good not to upload!