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When publish or perish bumps up against pedagogy – Part II:

August 30, 2013

Part II: Academia’s other mission: the race to publish or perish

In Part I of this series, I outlined why skyrocketing tuition costs didn’t seem to square with the cost of actually educating students.   The second part of this series deals with “other” mission of academia and how this side of the equation may account in good part for the increased costs.


The Innovation Squeeze…and Bill Maher’s New Rules…

May 13, 2013

Where is the American innovation engine?   Right now, this great engine of growth reminds me of  a sputtering car engine, struggling to turn over when the battery is low in sub-freezing temperatures.

What’s worse, we need innovation now, more than ever.  Jobs are scarce, jobs that actually pay the rent or mortgage are even scarcer.   If we want to see the creation of jobs that have some meat and bones on them, we should be doing everything to get that innovation engine chugging along like it used to.  As technology and off-shoring swallows jobs whole into an abyss we count on the innovation engine to create the next generation of jobs.   We need the next internet, the next PC, the next wonder drug, the next something…. that will put people back to work.