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Business Bites Back – the suits spin on the EPI study on STEM workers…

June 2, 2013

It didn’t take long did it?  About a month ago the EPI (Economic Policy Institute) put out a report on guest workers and their impact on STEM fields.  The results were alarming.  Rather than repeating them again, I will refer you to my post on this subject.  The bottom line was that there was no STEM shortage and most of this was a canard to get cheap labor from abroad (my interpretation – although it was implied in the results of the report.


The mythical STEM shortage – even the New York Times doesn’t get it…

April 10, 2013

Every day I keep hearing the drumbeat get louder….”We need more young people to enter these ‘vital’ STEM fields!  The future of our nation depends on it!” Or….”We need to allow more foreign immigrants in on H1-B and other guest visas because of an acute ‘skills shortage’ in vital STEM fields!”


Of purple squirrels, job impossible and the “skills mismatch”….

March 22, 2013

About a year ago a friend of mine who is still a working scientist read a job description to me and asked me what I thought.  It took five minutes just rattle off the list of required skills and experience. I started doing some quick math.  The list was Byzantine at best.  Why anyone would take such a twisted path through a maze of seemingly unrelated scientific disciplines baffled me.  I couldn’t imagine that anyone in the world would have that skill set.  But had someone actually managed to fit that job description, they couldn’t be a day under the age of 60.  I told my friend this and she agreed and asked “But why?”

Why indeed would anyone put out a job description that no one on the planet could possibly fulfill?  Its an interesting question and though its an issue that is not unique to science, the long training pipeline of the scientist brings an issue that seems to be plaguing our grim job market into sharp focus.