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Bring on the bloggers…

February 27, 2011

For many years people  have  been grousing about a lack of investigative reporting in the blogosphere.  I myself have been concerned about the fate of investigative reporting because I have seen few stories where either bloggers or traditional reporters actually got down and dirty and stared digging if things didn’t smell right.

Well here is a case where two bloggers managed to bring a story to life.

The Buffalo Beast – a.k.a. fake David Koch:

First and most celebrated we have Ian Murphy of the who managed to get Scott Walker to do more in self-revelation by pretending to be David Koch than  he could of pretending he was a Wisconsin state senator.   A job well done – and I understand that your site got overloaded with traffic for a couple of days….AH!  The price of instant fame!


Crazy like a FOX news analyst…..

February 23, 2011

What  Obama and the Antichrist have in common??????

A post with the above title was published in 2009 by Joel Richardson.  One would hope that such a post was written with an eye to satire.  Needless to say – such is  not the case.  This end of times prophet has somehow morphed into a FOX analyst  – covering the protests in Madison WI.  Yes, that makes sense.   The pretzel logic involved in morphing  the end of times into arguments about collective bargaining and medical coverage for teachers is truly torturous.  The truly frightening thing is that some might actually take this seriously.

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From Egypt to Wisconsin – the contagion spreads…

February 18, 2011

Right now Madison Wisconsin is the epicenter of an epic fight for workers around the United States.   Recently, I wrote a blog about overpaid union workers in New York digging in their heels. I don’t know the details of how well paid the public union workers are paid in Wisconsin.  My blog referred to New York State where private sector salaries in comparable fields were lagging as much as 25% in some areas.  But in a very real sense – it doesn’t matter because the issue has morphed into something far more significant.

Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin puts collective bargaining on the chopping block.

Newly elected tea party Governor – Scott Walker has decided to undertake some massive union busting by stripping collective bargaining rights for many of the public unions.