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The business of medicine…the great doxycycline shortage…

August 28, 2014

It was with a  tremendous wave of dèjá vu that I watched NY Senator Chuck Schumer calling for the FDA to investigate a supposed shortage and massive price spikes seen for the common antibiotic doxycycline.

History of a doxycycline shortage…

Wasn’t this problem solved last year?  This issue hits close to home because I have a dog that requires intermittent courses of doxycycline for severe Lyme disease.  Last year the price spiked to ridiculous levels  over the summer and the pharmacist looked at me with sympathy when she gave me the bill for my dog.   Suddenly, what used to be about $40 tab skyrocketed to well north of $350.  She told me there was a temporary “shortage” of the drug and that had caused the price spikes.  Seriously?  SERIOUSLY?


Lessons From Game of Thrones – Players & Pawns – which are you?

June 14, 2014

This is part 1 of 2 parts…

I was going to move off my Game of Thrones metaphor for a couple of posts, but my last blog on “Players, Pawns and Little Finger” brought something interesting to my attention.  I have to admit that it was something I found deeply disturbing…In that post I embedded a YouTube clip on Little Finger’s monologue “The Climb”.  In the monologue he describes chaos as a ladder that he intends to climb in order to achieve ultimate power.

Apparently, many people have found this monologue “inspiring”.  A few indicated that they listen to it every day as it gets them going in the morning, implying that it helps them realize that they are in charge of their own destiny. 


Lessons From Game Of Thrones – Melisandre and extremism as an antidote to reason…

June 6, 2014

The human race has always lived in the shadow of dogma.  It has perverted our history in many a violent way and has sowed the seeds of self-destruction for more than one society.


Lessons from Game Of Thrones -The Sansa Stark Syndrome…

May 23, 2014

OK, I confess, I’m a big fan of GOT. GRR Martin’s cast of characters presents us with many life lessons  and analogies that can be applied to this world as well as the fantasy world of Westeros.

Is Sansa Stark passive and shallow? 

While watching some clips on YouTube I found myself glancing at the comment thread and noted that people tended to be particularly annoyed by the Sansa Stark character.  Apparently she is too “passive” and was being unfavorably compared to her badass sister Arya.


American Innovation’s Black Swan….Our Dysfunctional and Corrupt Governement

February 25, 2013

There is a book on the shelves entitled “The Black Swan” by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.  I confess to only reading the free sample portion on my iPad.  Essentially the book is about the unpredictable and the unforeseen.  The 9/11’s of our lives and of our time are the things that reach out and bite us that are totally out of left field.


Broken things or broken government?

October 7, 2011

People keep talking about things that are broken.  I’m not talking about a cup or a glass or even Grandma’s antique china.  It usually goes something like…”the_______industry is broken!” or “the _____system is broken!”  or the ______business.  Which begs the question: how can so many industries, businesses, and systems all be broken at the same time?

Personally, I have had two careers and it seems as though academia is broken and the real estate industry is broken beyond repair. My father had cancer and getting him treated because he was in an HMO was a nightmare…so the insurance industry is broken.  The big banks won’t discuss loan modifications with clients – so the banking industry is broken.

When there are this many “broken things”  shattered on the ground at the same time – something is wrong systemically.  It is rooted deep within the our government and the body politic.  This is what happens when a government ceases to be functional.  When the government is broken, it means that those who would exploit and steal, those who would earn their money on the backs of others are in firm control.  In our case, the capitalistic beast has been let loose and its eating its prey.  Unfortunately we are the prey and until the beast is contained – we will continue to look at our institutions and business as so much shattered glass.

The Wall Street protests reveal that the public is now aware of the fact that they are prey.  They see who the enemy is and are finally standing strong.  The response by the police only affirms how badly dysfunctional things are.  They are arresting the protesters while leaving the real criminals free to continue the carnage. Pssst…I have a hint for you men in the white and blue shirts….the REAL criminals have suits and carry briefcases…

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