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Of shareholder profits, leveraged buyouts and “crapification”…

February 21, 2014

Two recent articles caught my eye and relating to what I call the STEM conundrum.  In a country that has been wringing their hands over a supposed STEM crisis, we find that Facebook – perhaps the ultimate employer of a geeks in the US is switching its focus from development to acquiring sales staff!


The #Occupy Wall Street Movement – free speech or a free-for-all?

October 10, 2011

Much of the criticism levied at the #Occupy Wall Street movement has pinpointed the fact that in general the protesters lack “direction.”   These people are not fools or bums and those who would dismiss them lightly do so at their peril.  They are savvy enough to know something is wrong. Very wrong.  They have the right target in their sites.  They are disgusted with Wall Street and the “too big to fail” banks that have yet to be held to account for the misery they have inflicted on millions of Americans.  They understand that the banks were bailed out.  They understand that instead of lending the largesse from the taxpayers – the  banks took the money and locked it up.  They get that  the super-rich, the big banks, and multinational corporations  are sitting on  the trillions of $$ that are desperately needed to kick start our economy.  They understand that until that money circulates – the misery on Main Street will only increase.

But specific demands are harder to get to…

So here are some demands that would give the movement “direction”.  They are particularly relevant to an #Occupy Wall Street movement in that it targets Wall Street and the big banks.