Eric Cantor and the GOP – give kitchen table advice to tornado victims

Apparently the GOP is back to their “austerity” measures and the people of Joplin MO could suffer for it.    Eric Cantor lead the charge. Compassionate soul that he is, Cantor feels that the people of Joplin deserve aide – but only if it means cutting back on OTHER government programs…. you know ….little things like unemployment insurance, medicare and social security.  Nothing of any major importance for a country in the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

Simple Solutions or Simplistic Nonsense?

Yes,  Eric Cantor was in the news again touting his “kitchen table” economics and trying to apply it the devastation in Joplin MO.  It really is very simple isn’t it?  I mean – if you save $10k for a new car but your house is blown down by a Tornado – you use the $10k to rebuild your life, right?  Sorry that does not fly.

Let’s go through with the options once again.  Let’s give the people of Joplin their free market “options.” I’m sure they will appreciate that.   After all – they certainly don’t want to become  like all those other unproductive socialist whiners who can’t dig themselves out of the hole the obviously put themselves into.

The Republican DIY system for getting back on your feet….

1. Insurance – certainly homeowners have that.  That’s a pull yourself up by your bootstraps standard.  Hold good insurance and you can survive anything. But since regulators are toothless dogs and insurers are already scrambling to find an “out” clause for covering anything of this magnitude – many homeowners who thought they were covered won’t qualify.  But that’s their own fault for not reading the microscopic print on page 1383 that states the insurer can change the terms on a whim.

2. Savings – Certainly – we all have savings…This is particularly true when nearly 15% of the population is  either underemployed, unemployed or malemployed in jobs that earn way too little.  With an official unemployment rate of 9.1% which has been holding steady for about 2 years now – we can certainly count on Americans to have a nice little nest egg saved to rebuild their entire lives with.

3. Infrastructure – You can rebuild your house – but will there be a town?  Will there be roads? Will their be electricity or any infrastructure whatsoever?  Yes – because the people with vested interests – the homeowners – will do that themselves.  They will pull themselves AND their town up by their bootstraps. You can’t expect the federal or local government to do everything for you. This is rugged individualism at its best.  Think of all those Western towns that built themselves up overnight.  Of course they had the government helping with rail and postal systems and the army helping with Indians and there was no electrical grid to worry about – but those are trifles.

Punishing the productive or enabling the predators?

Of course you might ask the top 1-2% to pay about 2% more in federal taxes.  But that would be discouraging productivity and success.  After all – what could possibly be more productive for the American economy as a whole to have hedge fund managers trading blocks of stocks on momentum trades that quite literally produce nothing?   What about the companies that are posting record profits and paying no taxes?  Why are we enabling rank predation under the guise that by taxing them appropriately we are punishing success.  This type of pretzel logic is endemic to the type of robber baron economy that now exists.  I mean God forbid that the monied elite should pay one thin dime to support the nation that makes them fabulously wealthy.

Do these clowns even realize that there was government support for the entire expansion of the United States.  Such federal support dates back to the Lewis and Clark expedition.  They actually believe that  individual bootstraps and the “free market” can fix this?

By the way – I’m just asking – Why WOULD the free market want fix this? What would compel them to do so? Free markets don’t fix things because they should – they only fix things if it leads to a better bottom line – FOR THEM – not the country.

Jon Stewart – did an amazing segment on this issue – Just as sarcastic as mine but far funnier…

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  1. Cletis says:

    Feudalism is next. Baron on the hill. Cletis toiling in the field. Pitchfork in his hand. Considering his options.

  2. admin says:

    It was so over the top that I couldn’t believe it….They make it so damn easy to write about….

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