When did tax cuts become more important than 911 first responders?

Tax Cuts vs. Health Care for First Responders:

Since the republicans came roaring back into power after the mid-term elections – the 911 first responders bill is  taking a back seat to tax cuts. This is nothing new. Even as a minority party republicans used the filibuster rule to stop debate on this issue several times.   But to put such important legislation on the back burner to the point of deliberately holding it up until democrats give the top 2% the tax cuts they wanted is another step towards the surreal that I find hard to fathom.

It’s hard to argue that tax payers in  the top marginal rate are suffering so much that their issues should take precedence over 911 first-responders – many of whom are dying from the effects of the toxins inhaled while trying to pull people out of the rubble.  This is particularly true in  a world where the rich get richer while the middle class and merely wealthy are losing economic ground daily.

They could care less…

And its not as if republicans have been afraid to use the 911 card in the context of false patriotism should it suit them.  But this does beg the big question.  If these patriotic,  flag waving, war mongering, security obsessed republicans don’t care about those who laid there lives on the line after the worst terrorist attack in our history – how much can they possibly care for any of us – you know – those of us who are not heros and are not have incomes in the top 2%?

The answer is simple and sobering.  As their caviler  attitude towards outsourcing, long term unemployment and our inability to access health care has proven.   They could care less about us.  Even less than they care about the 911 first responders.

Jon Stewart took up this issue and with no holds barred – he went after those who praised the brave work of New York’s finest and bravest – but felt OK with voting “no” on this important legislation…

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