We don’t need no book learnin’…

The complete and utter lack of respect for education in some conservative circles  is part of the problem our nation is having in many science and engineering disciplines.   This issue was brought to violent life (once again) when Rick Santorum  made his now famous remarks about “smart people”.  You can hear the comments and Stephen Colbert’s take on the Santorum remarks in the video below.

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God forbid that facts might get in the way with dearly held beliefs!  That’s the trouble with facts, they are pesky things that tend to stick in the craw  of those who will believe that global warming is a myth even as their home becomes beachfront property in Iowa.

The difficulties for our nation are obvious.  Critical thinking is on the back burner.  Evolution has to be taught with Creationism – which is NOT a science. This loops back to further instill ignorance in the next generation.

For those who think that the willful ignorance permeating the right wing could never take root within the majority of the populous, guess again. I have a friend who is an historian. He once commented that “history does not always move in a forward direction”.  We need look only as far as Western history to find that this is true.  Remember the Dark Ages?

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