Wage Destruction – the GOP wants expand visa program for grads in STEM fields.

This is nothing new, but when I see something like this I want to scream.  In the midst of 8%+ unemployment with plenty of qualified engineers, scientists and tech workers under or unemployed – what we really need now is more immigrants in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) fields…NOT!!!!

The sad fact is that academia and industry are 100% addicted to dirt cheap labor from abroad. God forbid they might have to pay competitive salaries with benefits to qualified Americans.

The notion of a skills mismatch is a myth – at least for the time being. Of course, if we continue to pay sub-par salaries combined with sweatshop working conditions conditions there will be a skills mismatch, because people will wisely stay away from these fields…but I digress.   For the time being there  are plenty of people in high-tech fields that are sidelined.  Some of these people are qualified Americans and goodly number are immigrants who now understand how poorly they are being paid. (It generally takes a few years experiencing our cost of living for that to sink in.)  The glut in my field is so severe that the postdoctoral logjam is about 10 years in length.

We’ve all seen the literally Byzantine attempts to justify the need for going abroad…job descriptions that no one on the planet could possibly fulfill unless they were struck by lightening. So- the reasoning goes –  there is obviously a skills mismatch!!

This stuff is ludicrous.  Here is a link to the report on Politico.  I don’t know if it is available to non-registered users – but here is a link to the comments section – which will give anyone with any doubts an earful.