Getting rid of “Second Amendment Solutions” without getting rid of assault rifles.

In the aftermath of the attempted assassination of AZ Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords  – even republicans are looking for ways to control firearms.  Dan Burton has suggested  that a plexi-glass dome separate  the public gallery from the Congressional members.  Republican Congressman Peter King wants to make it a federal offense to carry a weapon within 1000 feet of an elected official.

OK- so they have been working overtime making sure that they are protected from firearms.  I guess even the tea party has now decided that “second amendment solutions” are dangerous – particularly now that many of them have been elected to Congress.   Of course for the rest of us to benefit from most of these proposals – we merely have to be elected to Congress…No biggie…

You don’t need me as a wordsmith for this issue – the comics have taken  on this one and do it far better than I can.  From SNL pointing out the vast differences between a Revolutionary War musket that our founding fathers were thinking about when the second amendment was added to the Constitution  to a semi-automatic assault weapons being sold today – to Steven Colbert’s observation that guns have to learn to stay out of the hands of crazy people.. they have covered the bases.

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2 Responses to Getting rid of “Second Amendment Solutions” without getting rid of assault rifles.

  1. Cetis says:

    We’ve got “loads” of guns hanging out back in the shed. I think they’s even a bazooka or two. Don’t laugh. They’s some tough squirrels in these mountains.” Cletis

  2. RMG says:

    Where on earth do you live Cletis? I’m a NY liberal. About 30 minutes from Mid-town Manhattan. The type that conservatives love to hate… We are now getting a ton of coyotes in the area and I did get to take a stunning photo of an eagle in a tree a few days ago. But for the most part – we are fairly citified.

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