America the unexceptional…

Sorry to disappoint those that think American “exceptionalism” is a birth right.  But – American “exceptionalism” is gone.  Dead and buried somewhere between 1970 and 2012. We have run the gamut from exceptional to bareIy mediocre in a matter of 40 short years. Less than a blink of an eyelash in evolutionary terms.  It took Rome centuries to fall, but at the rate we are going we will be lucky to get another half century.

If you are a poll-watcher – this isn’t news.  The majority of Americans have been giving a thumbs-down on the right-direction/wrong-direction question that pollsters love to ask for what seems like an eternity.   I think the last time I remember that number being consistently bullish Clinton was still POTUS.  We feel that we are on the wrong track; we feel it in our bones.

The point here is that we feel it, something has gone terribly wrong.  I was born into a decade where we landed a man on the moon.  We had a can-do attitude back then.  If you like old movies, nothing brings that can-do, gung-ho attitude to life like the movie Apollo 13. In spite of monumental odds, NASA and the crew members of Apollo 13 never gave up.  They pushed ahead and improvised a mission that brought those astronauts in their badly damaged spacecraft back home to earth safely.

Imagine that happening today?  I can’t.  In about 40 years we have managed to lose our mojo.  Our edge is gone, the can-do attitude withers while we slash and burn the very institutions that brought us to the moon and beyond.  Put simply – our mojo is flat on its face and we seem completely incapable of pulling ourselves out of our funk.

Truth be told, America has gone from exceptonal to barely mediocre with frightening speed.  How it happened and how we can reverse course is what this blog is all about.

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